Image of The Independent Comedy Appreciation Society Magazine - Issue #4

The Independent Comedy Appreciation Society Magazine - Issue #4


We're almost a year into making The Independent Comedy Appreciation Society, and issue four is very nearly here! As always, it's packed with articles from the coolest comedy kids we could source - we've got Laura Taylor's surefire way to find your comedy partner, a call for all standup performers to have a go at street performing from Laurence Abel, another harrowing insight into the mind of Darren J. Coles, and the second half of Ruby Martin's interview with John Luke Roberts in which we hear how he put together his most recent Edinburgh (and tour) show - and loads more.

The magazine is flush with its trademark illustrations by editor and illustrator Lise Richardson and games from Jenny Grene, of the comedy illustration duo behind The Elis James and John Robins Colouring Experience. Thrillingly, we've even got a very impressive diagram from Josie Hypatia Grounds, which is an #indiecomedymag first!

The Independent Comedy Appreciation Society is a quarterly curated magazine for the enthusiast that seeks out the most intriguing, the most niche, and the most absurd live comedy. It is for the thoughtful comedians and writers, storytellers and artists. It delves deep into the craft and mind of performers, platforms powerful and hilarious ideas, and lends a chance to play with what comedy can be on paper. It’s an earnest show of love for fringe comedy, from both sides of the stage.

It's 32 pages in total, and A5 size (smaller than previous issues).

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“It’s lovely”
-George Egg, anarchist cook & comedian

“I’m a real fan of grassroots, underground, accessible stuff like this, especially when it’s about comedy… It's full of amazing art of comedians and stuff by Lise Richardson, and great bits and pieces by various comics and comedy lovers.“ *****
-Olivia Phipps,

”shiny, action-packed, utterly-beautiful”
-Martin Willis, Objectively Funny

“full of cool indie comedy stuff!”
-Kat Sadler, Succubus Magazine

“a frankly alarming amount of delicious alt-comedy goodness in this beautiful thing”
-Siân Docksey, comedian

“so completely distracted and charmed by how good this lovely @indiecomedymag is I’ve forgotten to make my tea”
-Michael Julings, Piñata

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