Image of The Independent Comedy Appreciation Society Magazine - Issue #2

The Independent Comedy Appreciation Society Magazine - Issue #2

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The second issue of The Independent Comedy Appreciation Society, out on the 1st of August, 2018! Copies are also available at Komedia Bath.

This issue includes contributions from:
George Egg
Lloyd Langford
Kat Sadler
Andy Barr
Christian Talbot
Conor Bailey
Col Howarth
Ruby Martin
Lulu Popplewell
Katie Pritchard
Sam Schäfer
Holly Raidl
Jenny Grene
Pete Jones
and of course myself, Lise Richardson

It's our Ed Fringe special, with a bumper pack of show recommendations, thoughts on the festival itself, a spotter's poster guide, columns, stories, games, poems, and now also comics!

It's 32 pages in total, printed on recycled paper and comes with a free badge (one of two different designs).


The Independent Comedy Appreciation Society is a fully illustrated magazine curated and illustrated by Lise Richardson about supporting independent live comedy, with contributions from acts, venues, and comedy enthusiasts.
If you’re not sure what independent comedy is, here’s how I’d describe it; interesting, original and thoughtful comedy where the end goal is not fame or money. Those things are nice, but the point is to create something that is unique to the performer rather than emulating the material or style of big telly comedians. This magazine exists not only to provide a platform for those kind of acts to have their work published, but also as a show of love and encouragement for all of the independent comedy community.

@indiecomedymag on instagram and twitter (use #indiecomedymag if you're sharing the mag and I'll retweet you!)

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