Image of Folk Horror - zine

Folk Horror - zine


Look, we all know my work is niche. It was inevitable I'd branch out and somehow make it even less accessible. Here's a month's worth (and a bit) of my exploration into folk horror film and tv as a genre, through pictures. There's some comedy in there too.

- A Field In England
- A Warning To The Curious
- Baby
- Bagpuss
- Blood On Satan's Claw
- Carnival Of Souls
- Children Of The Stones
- Detectorists
- Doctor Who
- Dr Terrible's House Of Horrible
- Häxan
- Let's Scare Jessica To Death
- Look Around You
- Lost Hearts
- Moondial
- Murrain
- Robin Of Sherwood
- Sightseers
- Stigma
- The Ash Tree
- The Blair Witch Project
- The Exorcism
- The Ice House
- The Night Of The Demon
- The Owl Service
- The Photograph
- The Signalman
- The Stalls Of Barchester
- The Stone Tape
- The Treasure Of Abbot Thomas
- Whistle And I'll Come To You
- Wisconsin Death Trip
- Witchfinder General

33 illustrations, 36 pages total. 120mm square booklet (roughly the size and shape of a CD sleeve, except a lot thicker and printed on nice thick recycled paper). Black & white.

Your bag is empty. Not even a lowly card.
Fill your bag, pal.