Image of Cab-badges: 4 badges inspired by James Acaster

Cab-badges: 4 badges inspired by James Acaster


You’re a fan of James Acaster, right? But how can you display your love of the one and only scrape-master upon your body/bag? Your bootleg t-shirt of just his face is more than a bit creepy, so we at Lisey and Jenby Towers have come up with the perfect solution. Four lovingly crafted badges featuring a cabadge (cab-badge), a stylophone, a christingle and YES THAT’S RIGHT even his Acastership’s very own face with the legendary words uttered at an unforgettable Mach showcase.

Each badge is 1 inch and a half in diameter (smaller than a RHLSTP badge, for example, larger than a one pound coin). They are pressed by hand (we have our very own badge machine now - imagine for a minute how Lisey has covered herself head to foot in badges whilst Jenby has one or two on her bag like a normal human being).

Perfect for any fan of James Acaster. A horrible gift for any fan of James Acastor. Get ‘em while they’re fresh.

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