Commission Guidelines

Are you an act who needs a poster to promote your Fringe show? You've come to the right place! Before you get in touch with me, I just need to run a few things by you.

1. Think about what you want your design to look like. It's easier for me to get it right if you explain exactly what you want - do you want an illustrated poster, or do you need me to make a design using your photos? Either way, please send me your photos, tell me what colour scheme you want, and if you have any other ideas for the design, send those too! If there's a poster you like that you want yours to look like, show it to me! Make sure you've got a solid idea before you get in touch, or if you have no clue where to start, give me the details of your show and I'll do what I think is best.

2. It's a show poster, so give me a list of things you need to have on it: show name, act name, dates (and days off if it's a full Fringe run!), show time, price or if it's a free show tell me who it's with (for example, PBH are quite specific about how their logo is displayed on your flyer), venue, and any quotes or accolades you need on the front. If you can provide all this straight away, it makes it easier for me to lay out the design!

3. Are you doing a show with a group of people? Decide what you want BEFORE you email me. It'll take far more time to keep waiting for the sign off from every member of your group for every single step of the design, so if you're the point of contact, you make the decisions for the whole group. Not everybody's suggestions for the design need to be implemented, so you decide and I'll work from what you tell me. Your group trusts your judgement, and so do I - don't worry!

4. What you receive is a digital, print-ready file. You can then have it printed with your printer of choice (I highly recommend, but you may also have a local printer who is better for you). Make sure you tell me the exact specifications your printer requires. Most ask for a 3mm bleed, a specific file format, or provide their own design template, so check this and let me know!

5. Once we have discussed your poster, I will send you a commission agreement (it's a silent agreement, so you don't need to do anything! It's good to keep for your records, as it details exactly what you're paying for) and an invoice. I'll send you a preview of the work to approve (I'll allow for three minor changes or one major change at this stage - usually this'll be colour alterations, layout tweaks or additional text), and if you're happy with it I'll finish it off and pop it in a google folder for you to download. All done!

Ready to go? Email me at

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