Hi! I'm Lise, and I'm an illustrator and comedy enthusiast based in Bath, UK. I design posters for comedians, venues, and gigs. You might've seen some of them in Edinburgh this year. I'm available for commissions, email me at  (read my  guidelines  first)!

I also make books, zines and am editor of The Independent Comedy Appreciation Society (it's a nice magazine about thoughtful comedy written by comedians, you should write for it). I work with my mate Jenny Grene on lots of things, mainly very niche colouring books.

You can support my work in various ways without commissioning me, including buying anything from this shop, pledging whatever you can on Patreon (you get various treats in return), signing up to Bulb using my referral link (you and I get £50 off our bills), or coming to the gigs we run in Bath (comedy fun for all).




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